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SuperBaby Ballet is a specialist classical ballet & dance company providing classes to toddlers & children in the inner west of Sydney.

Do you love to watch your child having fun with play? Do you love to watch your child learn through expressing his or her creativity. If so, our Dance & Cognitive Learning Program is for you and your child.

We are a soul-driven company, not a market driven company dedicated to empowering children to realise their full potential by making them more self-confident in their abilities.

Specialising in ages two to six, we are results orientated through the application of specific techniques to enhance cognitive learning and dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards across all curriculum key stages.

In addition to our Classical Ballet Program, our Curriculum also incorporates a Body Conditioning Alignment Program, now known in classical Ballet training to be an essential addition for injury prevention and to promote joint motion & torso control.

A selection of our Body Conditioning Super Baby Ballet Neuro/Core/Stretch component exercises have been incorporated into our 2-3 years classes to enhance sensory motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination & co-operative play to improve concentration, social/listening skills, balance and children’s readiness for school.

For our more mature students aged 4 years and above, this Program enables students to consolidate their learning in their Classical Ballet Class at a faster pace and fast-track their progress through the levels.

Students will grow in ease, grace and confidence through their dancing, learn to balance and co-ordinate their bodies better and increase their ability to multi-task, a skill required in ballet when activating certain muscle groups whilst following a series of body movements.

Each child can develop from good training whether to embark upon a professional career or to improve posture & general health. If you are passionate about your child’s health and well-being and would like your child to receive more from his/her investment in dancing, then this Program is for you.

How To Save A Combined $300 Off Our Classes Each Year

We are now a registered Active Kids / Creative Kids provider. This allows school enrolled children to save a combined $300 off our classes each year. For information on how to apply for these savings using the Service NSW website click the buttons below.


At SuperBaby Ballet we aim to;

  • provide specialised teaching within a caring & happy environment for your child’s first foray into the world of dance.
  • empower children to reach their full potential by making them more self-confident in their abilities.
  • prime children’s senses & help navigate them through the developmental milestones (ie. assist them in integrating their world better through a series of neuro-integration & muscular/strength building exercises).
  • prepare children for further technical development through the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum.

We offer a free complimentary lesson for your child. If you’d like to find out more call today for a chat with a friendly member of our staff.

To discover more call 0418 486 569 today or click the enrol button below.


Kids Ballet Sydney


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