Active Kids Vouchers

In 2018 Super Baby Ballet was approved by the Office of Sport as a registered Active Kids Provider. The Active Kids Program is an initiative funded by the NSW Government to help kids stay active year-round by providing families with Vouchers to cover costs towards recreational activities.

This means that families of all eligible school-enrolled children (aged 4.5-18 years) can apply for and use their annual 2021 $100 Active Kids Vouchers at Super Baby Ballet.

Eligible children are those who;

  1. have reached the age of 4 years & 6 months
  2. are enrolled in school (including those who are home schooled)
  3. are listed on a current Medicare Card; and
  4. are a NSW Resident

Please note that pre-school aged children are eligible for these vouchers provided they have reached the age of 4.5 years and are enrolled in the school of your choice, they do not need to be already attending school to receive these Vouchers.

With 44% of children now spending more than 2 hours a day on sedentary leisure activities, the Active Kids Program plays a crucial role in shifting physical activity behaviours in children and instilling healthy habits which can last a lifetime.

To assist children stay active year round, the Active Kids Program has recently introduced a 2nd Voucher for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children.  This means that families can now access 2 separate $100 Vouchers each year.

  • Voucher 1 available from 1 Jan is valid January to December.
  • Voucher 2 available from 1 July is valid July to December.

The two Vouchers can be used for the same activity as long as they are redeemed for separate terms or used for 2 different activities within the same term.

Information about claiming vouchers, including an instructional video, is available on the Service NSW website. To claim your 2020 Active Kids Voucher please visit the following page of their website –

The website can also be translated into other languages by clicking on ‘Change Language’ in the menu at the top right of the page.

Once received, you may then apply your Voucher towards the cost of one of the following Super Baby Ballet packages below:

  • 10 Class Package ($180)  (with a Voucher $80 payable)
  • 20 Class Packages ($320)  (with a Voucher $220 payable)

Simply email your Active Kids Voucher Receipt (which contains your Voucher Number) to ua.mo1653787352c.tel1653787352labyb1653787352abrep1653787352us@of1653787352ni1653787352 or alternatively send an SMS screenshot to 0418486569, so that we may process your Voucher.

If you have any questions about your Voucher, please get in touch with the Contact Centre on 13 77 88 or email ua.vo1653787352g.wsn1653787352.trop1653787352s@sdi1653787352kevit1653787352ca1653787352

There is strong evidence that early childhood physical activity combined with healthy eating can help people reach and maintain a healthy weight later in life.  We are very happy to be part of this Program which continues to empower children to get active, build self-esteem and feel healthy.


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