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Our Learning Program

The structure of our learning Program is designed to enable any child to engage in the Program (particularly one who has had no prior experience in ballet technique) through the use of creative and explorative play.

Using various play activities the learning content has been broken down into manageable segments which enable children to bring into focus their imaginations facilitating the organisation and enactment of particular dance movements.  Using this dance framework, children are also assisted in the expression of their thoughts, ideas, conceptual understandings and feelings.

Children’s own choice of costume in our classes is also designed to support them entering an imaginative world that corresponds with the theme used in our lessons.  This enhances creative & expressive intention and enables the execution and accurate assessment of technical skills.

Our classes also incorporate a series of neuro integration and muscular/strength building exercises designed to enhance your child’s strength and proprioception (ie. one’s neurological balance of the body through the connection of the left & right hemispheres of the brain).  Through these proprioception exercises, the brain is reorganized and re-patterned making sure both sides of the brain are firing well and communicating in a desired manner, improving nervous system organization.

A series of these Super Baby Ballet Brain Gym exercises have been incorporated into our 2-3 years classes to provide children with a strong foundation in sensory motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination, social listening skills and co-operative play.

For our more mature students (aged 4 years and above) our Super Baby Ballet Brain Gym Neuro/Core/Stretch Class offers increased flexibility, core strength and neurological balance of the body enabling students to consolidate their learning & build upon their technique faster in their Classical Ballet Class.

All of the SuperBaby Ballet programs are designed to align with the creative objectives set out in the pre-primary Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and are adjusted accordingly to cater to the pre-school aged sector.

Teaching a child to make exercise a part of life encourages a healthy lifestyle and builds healthy habits that last a lifetime.  Overall, this program is designed to;

  1. assist children with healthy growth & development
  2. help children achieve & maintain a healthy weight
  3. help children develop more confidence & self esteem
  4. help children builds strong bones & muscles
  5. improve balance and posture
  6. develop neurological skills
  7. help children maintain and develop flexibility
  8.  improve cardiovascular fitness
  9. reduces stress levels; and
  10. help children have fun with their friends and makes way for them to meet new ones

To assist parents in deciding whether our classes are an appropriate fit for their child we offer a complimentary first class (‘first class free’ policy) to all interested students.  Please make enquiries with the Studio director, Elizabeth Harris for more information on 0418 486 569.

About the Principle

Kids Ballet SydneyElizabeth Harris is the founder & principle instructor of SuperBaby Ballet.

Elizabeth commenced her ballet studies at the age of 4 under the instruction of Tessa Maunder in Newcastle through the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and today continues to further her understanding of ballet technique instruction through the Australian Teachers of Dancing teaching courses.

During her career, she has taught in primary schools (teaching students from kindergarten to year 6 and orchestrating dance pieces for school’s artistic showcases involving over 200 children), private dance schools (1-14 years) and early learning child care centers and most recently has been particularly drawn to working with preschool aged children.

To find out more call 0418 486 569.

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