Terms & Conditions

Super Baby Ballet’s 3 featured learning programs

  • Stage 1: First Steps – a maximum of 9 children (2-3years) 30 min class
  • Foundation – a maximum of 10 children (3-4years) 40 mins
  • Stage 2: Form – a maximum of 12 children (4-5years) 40 mins
  • Stage 3: Flair – a maximum of 13 children (5-6years) 40 mins

Class duration

Classes (excluding First Steps which is of 30 minutes duration) are of 40 minutes duration to enable the greatest learning outcomes.

‘Rollcall and welcome’ will take place 5 minutes before the scheduled time in order to allow an immediate and punctual start at the stated times. Please ensure your child arrives at the studio on time in order to minimise disruptions to other students.

Students are to be brought into the studio/childcare centre with a parent/guardian.

Please advise the teaching staff if your child is unable to attend a class.

Progression through the levels

As our Programs are ability based, a child commencing with SuperBaby Ballet would necessarily begin in First Steps/Foundation, where the foundations of classical ballet technique are taught.  Once a working knowledge of these foundational techniques is gained, the student may then progress to the next level.

Each of the learning Programs of First Steps, Foundation, Form & Flair therefore naturally follow a progressive logical sequence in the presentation of the set exercises.  This is to ensure the exercises are easily understood and integrated by the children.  It also provides a clear and concise guideline for ensuring the students are on the right track in the development of their learning at each stage of the Program.

Type of learning Program

The structure of this learning Program is designed to enable any child to engage in the Program (particularly one who has had no prior experience in ballet technique) through the use of creative and explorative play.  Using various play activities the learning content has been broken down into manageable segments which enable children to bring into focus their imaginations facilitating the organisation and enactment of particular dance movements.  Using this dance framework, children are also assisted in the expression of their thoughts, ideas, conceptual understandings and feelings.

Children’s own choice of costume in our classes is designed to support them entering an imaginative world that corresponds with the theme used in our lessons.  This enhances creative & expressive intention and enables the execution and accurate assessment of technical skills.

Class Attire

Please bring along a pair of socks.  If you would like to bring along your child’s favourite dancing outfit, please ensure the skirt sits well above the upper thigh for ease of corrections.

If attending one of our Strathfield classes, please bring along a pair of soft dancing shoes (such as jiffies or preferably ballet shoes).

Please also ensure your child’s hair is appropriately groomed for class by securing the hair neatly away from the face to avoid distraction.

Food and Drink

Please bring along a bottle of water (non-spill container) to class.  All other food and drink is strictly prohibited within the studio/ballet classroom, thankyou.

Payment of fees

Ballet classes are now run on a casual drop-in basis so that there is no need to make up for missed lessons and you have the option of your child participating on a day that suits you.  This new method of class participation is designed to fit in more suitably with the lives of busy parents.

The first lesson with SuperBaby is a complimentary lesson.  Thereafter, the revised pricing schedule and available packages in line with this new format is as follows:-

  • Casual drop in – $22 per class
  • 5 Class Pack – $100 ($20 per class)
  • 10 Class Pack – $180 ($18 per class)
  • 20 Class Pack – $320 ($16 per class)

Please also note the following Payment Policies:-

  • Full payments are required for all 5, 10 & 20 Class Packages, our Accounting Network does not process part-payments. 
  • All Class Package payments are payable before the first commencing lesson in the Package
  • All Casual Class payments ($22) are payable before the commencement of class, thank you

Following the conclusion of each class you will receive a text message confirming your child’s attendance in that class.

Fees are strictly payable before commencement of the first class, payable by either:-

  • cash on the day of the first lesson; or
  • direct deposit 2-3 days before the commencement of class into BellaBallet’s nominated account below:
    Arab Bank Australia
    Account name: Elizabeth Anne Harris
    BSB: 917115
    Account No: 700053131

If you have referred a friend who subsequently enrols with us for the term, your next term’s fees will be reduced by 10%.

Sibling enrolments receive a 10% discount for their term fees and a 20% discount applies for the third enrolled sibling.

Ticket packages are non-refundable and non-transferable to another student.

Consent and Illness/Accident

SuperBaby Ballet is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy dance space for all of its students. If you are aware of any information that you feel would improve your child’s safety whilst in the studio, please let us know.

You acknowledge that your child’s participation within the class is voluntary and that physical contact between the teaching staff and your child is a necessary part of dance tuition in order to correct posture/ instruct on a particular position.

You also agree that the nature of dance involves an inherent degree of normal risk of injury associated with participation in the class and that although every care will be taken in the dance training of your child, the teaching staff will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained in class.  In the event of an emergency you agree that first aid may be administered in the first instance. However, Government regulations do not permit teaching staff to administer Panadol or equivalent medication.

You acknowledge that you have informed the teaching staff of any medical or other condition affecting your child prior to class. If he/she is unwell or unable to participate in the class for any reason, parents will be notified.

Photography and video recording

To protect the privacy of all children enrolled in the ballet class and in accordance with privacy laws, no video recording or photography is allowed in the dance studio whilst the class is in progress.  Thank you for your understanding.

Contacting us

The Principal/Director may be contacted on 0418 486 569.

Email: ua.mo1653787140c.tel1653787140labyb1653787140abrep1653787140us@of1653787140ni1653787140

Please contact the Director if you need to update your contact details, thank you.